Friday Encouragement – December 8, 2017

The Christmas Concerts Are Here – 7:30pm!

Our two awesome Christmas Concerts with Andy & Friends are finally here – tonight and tomorrow night!  These will be AMAZING CONCERTS, and will benefit the Redwood Gospel Mission. 

The concerts are basically sold out, but if you show up you’ll probably be able to get in (but you’ll have to be extra nice to Starla)!  We are expecting 450 people for the two concerts, so you may want to arrive early.

Who Needs Christmas? Advent Sermon Series

Who needs Christmas? Seriously, who needs it? Well, as it turns out, we all do!Image result for who needs christmas andy stanley  Join us this Sunday for part two – “Who Needs Christmas? God Did!”

One of the challenging things about the Christmas season and the Christmas story, is in fact, the Christmas story—the Christmas story that relates to the birth of Jesus.  Because there’s so much that’s miraculous.  There’s so much that’s amazing.  There’s so much that’s really unbelievable about it.

But as unbelievable as the birth narratives are, and as unbelievable as the accounts are that we find in Matthew and Luke, when you get the “back story,” when you get the whole story, this unbelievable story actually becomes a remarkable story.   

Operation Christmas Child News

Now who thought I would stop just because the packing party is over?  No way!  I have exciting news:  Children in the Philippines are being given our gifts!!!  How cool is that!?!  Thank You Lord for knowing exactly where our gifts were headed, and now may You bless Your little ones with delight and the knowledge of Your love and grace for them.  Amen!

Also we are going to start collecting bars of soap now.  I found out from reliable sources that if we prep them (let them dry out) for 9-12 months they will last longer, meaning we will open the packages and put them in our storage upstairs to dry.  So be on the hunt and bring them in! 😉

Excited to serve with you all year ‘round! ~ janelle

The Helping Handbook

John Hirsekorn has posted a TERRIFIC RESOURCE on our church website ( called “2017 Sonoma County Fire Resources.”  You’ll find it at the top of the homepage and under the Missions tab. 

Resources include:

·         Helpful Handbook – Northern CA Wildfires 2017 – the first couple pages are the Table of Contents, which is a good summary of things you may need to consider in recovery

·         Local Disaster Recovery Q&A

·         Redwood Gospel Mission Response

·         Environmental Health Hot Line: (707) 565-6700

·         Debris Removal Right-of-Entry Center

·         Red Cross

·         Samaritan’s Purse Response and Volunteer Center

Israel – March 2018!

How would you like to go on the adventure of a lifetime?  We now have plans for a 12-day trip to the Holy Land March 5-16, 2018!  We have mapped out an awesome itinerary, which will include a 12-hour flight to Dubai, followed by a 2-hour flight to Jordan, two days in Petra, then on to Israel!  You can pick up the itinerary at the Back Table.

Thanks to all who have signed up so far for our Israel trip!  If you’re still interested in going, but unsure how it can happen, there is plenty of time to sign up.  Talk to Pastor Mark if you would like more information.

Sunday, 12/10 –

But when the set time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship. (Galatians 4:4-5)

See ya Sunday!

Pastor Mark

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