Daily Devotional 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Pastor Andy shared an encouraging message at church yesterday, giving a great “Locker Room Speech!”  As a church we are making a commitment to read together.  We found a simple plan that everyone can do.  Below you’ll find the link to the NIV Daily Devotional (2017) that we are embarking on this year.

Click on the link below.  It should take you through the steps to sign-up on the website (all free and no hassles or emails sent to you).

For Computer users click the link below:  (just click on it or copy and paste into your browser):


Just click the button, “start this plan” and you will be asked to sign up (or log in).  Follow the instructions and you’ll be set to go.

For the app for Smart Phone and Tablet users, the app is called “Bible” and it looks like this in iTunes:



Once the app is downloaded, go to “plans” at the bottom.

At the top, press “Discover”.

Press the “search” icon and type in “NIV Devotional Plan”.

Look for the plan called: “NIV 365-Day Devotional Plan (2017)”.

Once you do that, it will ask you if you want to start this plan?

Click that button and you are ready to go!

Let’s do this!  If you have any problems with any of this contact Andy or Mark, and we can walk you through it!


Pastor Mark